Painting -
Painting particle board, MDF and solid wood and veneer from ETS company it is a perfect quality and the most advanced technology. Modern tendencies in outfitting of shops it is an individuality and bold design solutions
We have all the knowledge, experience and necessary equipment to provide the highest quality of painting products with wood and metal. Creative flight of fancy of our designers supported by the limitless possibilities of our production.
Today it is very popular painting of MDF with varnish polyurethane materials. We use only the highest quality materials from the best European manufacturers (Ital Color, Wood Color, etc.). 500 shades of NCS palette and 220 colors of RAL palette allow to pick almost any color for painting trade furniture made of particleboard and MDF. Using supplemental effects, such as patinate, deсape, craquelure, metallic effect, effect of marble, nacre, rubber, suede and others effects allows to create additional opportunities in design of retail space using beautiful high-quality trade equipment.

Our advantages:

Modern equipment

All the work we are manufacturing are made by modern equipment which have no analogous in Ukraine.

Digital control of quality

The quality of each product passes a digital check. We provide the guarantee for wares.

Streamlined service

Streamlined service and individual approach to each client. Companies more than 25 countries in Europe and Asia trust us.

Experience and professionalism

Professionalism and many years of experience in own equipment allows to perform work of any complexity.

Compliance of terms

Our production capacity can meet any market demand and to procure optimal lead times of orders.