ETS is a cherry on a pie of EUROSHOP 2017 -

ETS is a cherry on a pie of EUROSHOP 2017


ETS is a cherry on a pie of EUROSHOP 2017

The Company European Trade Systems participated in the exhibition EuroShop 2017 – The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, which took place in the period from 5 to 9 March in Düsseldorf, Germany. This is the third event where ETS exhibits its stand. And every stand becomes a sensation, impressing with interesting and multifaceted projects, filigree quality of production and creative solutions of designers. After all, the main task of such event is to demonstrate the production and professional capabilities of the large team of the company.

The idea, design, engineering, static miscalculation, manufacturing and installation of the stand – absolutely everything is done by the forces of the company ETS

A beautiful stand attracted the attention of a large number of visitors to the event. In the pavilions, which were devoted to manufacturers of commercial equipment, it became the most photographed object. Almost every visitor tried to make his photo against the backdrop of the ETS stand.

In the pavilions, which were devoted to manufacturers of trade equipment, it became the most photographed object. Almost every visitor tried to make his photo against the backdrop of the ETS stand.

More than 1,000 representatives from 23 countries visited us during the exhibition. Most of them were already familiar with the company’s products and implemented projects, because their geography is very wide. This is almost all countries in Europe, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan. And one of the new projects is realized on the island of Tahiti. The company confidently expands the geography of its activities and constantly improves the production possibilities.

The exhibition EuroShop 2017 was an excellent occasion to meet with our regular partners, with whom for many years of work our business relations became friendly relatıons. These are representatives of the network of gas stations Socar, the management of Gebr. Heinemann, chief managers of the Italian brand Chicco and other ETS partners. We exchanged new ideas, plans for the creation of new projects and discussed those that are currently in work.

In the European space, ETS declared itself as one of the leading players in the market of production of premium class trade equipment. The big advantage is that all production lines are located on the same territory in the center of Europe.

The ETS stand perfectly demonstrated all the trends of production. These are woodworking, metalworking and painting. And the bright design has become a real decoration of the exhibition EuroShop 2017.

We offer to consider the ETS booth in details


There is a two-level stand with a stylized metal garden and an original staircase decor leading to the upper terrace on the area of 100 square meters. Creative design in a modern style has acquired the warmth of nature. There are materials such as brass, veneer and stainless steel are very harmoniously combined in this project. All materials and their processing methods were selected in accordance with the most fashionable trends in design. And some know-how by ETS will set new trends in the design of stores.

Each square meter of the stand reflects the production possibilities of the ETS company.

The design of lighting was one of the most important part of the work on the stand. The accents are placed with the help of modern projectors and ceiling lamps, thanks to which the stand acquired artistic expressiveness and a vivid image.

A complex design of undulating metal adorned the stair portal. It consists of smoothly curved sheets of polished brass, stainless steel and painted metal.

The same combination of materials we used for the production of ornamental trees. And one tree is completely made of polished stainless steel coated with titanium nitride. The part of the stand with trees became the brightest and attracts the attention of visitors EuroShop 2017.

ETC production is always a search for new technologies and the development of know-how in the field of trade equipment. In this direction, we presented a new way of processing metal, which visually accurately repeats the natural tree. At the same time such hinged elements have excellent wear resistance and external appeal.

Most of the parts of the stand were manufactured by laser cutting. This is a beautiful fencing made of brass, a large panel of painted metal with a backlight and a decorative ceiling.

The virtuosic design of each element of the stands can be considered in details.

The Company European Trade Systems specializes in the production of high-quality and premium class trade equipment. And every new realized project of the store becomes a new masterpiece in the work of our professional team.

Constant updating of products, studying of the newest technologies, perfection of all processes allows us confidently to expand the space of our activity.