ETS is synonymous with quality and professionalism! -

ETS is synonymous with quality and professionalism!

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Improvisation with metal in the production of trade equipment

ETS is synonymous with quality and professionalism!

ETS is synonymous with quality and professionalism!

Hundreds of clients around the world can confirm this.  We are ahead of the future and offer production of shop fittings and home furniture using modern equipment.
In this June we have lifted the veil on the details of our production for designers and architects.  There was informative excursion to get acquainted with all the nuances, types of equipment and technologies. Our new production line of furniture for the home is gaining more popularity in Ukraine.  Through almost twenty years of experience of the experimental production of trade equipment, we got out to international level of service provision. Famous Italian brands such as Furla, Coccinelle, Chicco, Piquadro, Rinascimento, Etro and others have entrusted us with the production of furniture for their stores, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.

This was made possible thanks to our special approach to the work, which consists in the following principles:

  • Constant modernization of production
  • Staff skills improvement
  • Combining all stages of production in one area
  • Author solutions of engineers and designers
  • Perfect implementation, including installation and subsequent maintenance

All these have made it possible, that the home furniture Maestro Kitchen by ETC is the highest level of quality, unique solutions in accordance with the new trends in the global furniture industry, and trends in interior design.
The acquaintance with production lines for designers and architects became an opportunity to make sure not only in our capabilities but also in the future in developing of new projects more widely use creative ideas. Every idea, no matter how bold or unusual it is, could well become a reality of the new interior, part of a modern comfortable space with intellectual overtones.

We are trusted by the best, because we offer the best!